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With designer David Carson, at Kent State University, Akron, USA


In Fontur, Bogotá, Colombia, presenting a bid.

Mariano Bonavita

His background links technical education, architecture and advertising, providing him with an optimal profile to direct his studio since 1993. He created Exhibición Activa in the year 2000, with the birth of the Museo de Boca (Boca Museum). He has since designed and directed projects for government agencies, NGOs, different types of companies in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia and the USA.

Resume Bonavita

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Portfolio Products

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With Karina Rabolini, Ricky Sarkany and Alice Lohmoller, in the studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ana Méndez
Construction & Comercial Architecture

With more than 20 years of experience in her profession, she specialized in design and project management for commercial architecture. She carried out several ventures in a large number of Malls, Museums and Exhibitions in Buenos Aires. She also developed the Baby Cottons line of stores for New York City, United States.

Francisco Céspedes
Industrial Design

He developed his creativity in different studios in Buenos Aires and the United States. He focused on furniture design, adapting to different aesthetic languages with ease. His capacity as a designer, added to his experience as a renderer, make him the ideal figure to develop museums and interactive spaces.


With Isabel Vega Encina at our Stand at WAZA World Assoc. of Zoos & Aquariums, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


With Laura Molina, Cecilia Sainz and Hugo Portoriero, developing a Museum in Salta, Argentina.

Isabel Vega Encina
Communication & Graphic Design

She has worked in graphic design, and in building communication teams for multinational firms. Her tasks focused on branding and signage. As a Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and other Art Schools, she specialized in UX.  On a personal level, she created a collection of children´s storybooks.

Luciano Calitri
Architecture & Representation

He developed his profession as an architect, working in different studios in Argentina, and later having the opportunity to further his experience in Ireland and France.

He specializes in representation, and in addition to his capacity for design, he has a special talent for illustration and digital art, becoming a leader in the representation of 3Ds, modeling and high quality rendering.


Classified meteorites with Sandra Giudi at the Planetarium, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pablo Fábregas
Advertising Architecture

As an architect, he specialized in interior and exterior design for advertising architecture. His lengthy experience in this area enables him to design and implement furnishings and indoor and outdoor signage.  He works with in-depth knowledge on the documentation and technical specifications such as the mechanical systems, the electrical systems, the resistance and behavior of the materials, the paint and finishes, among other things.

Cecilia Suárez
Foreign Trade

With a degree in International Commerce, her experience and background open doors to our company´s new exporting services.


With Cecilia Suarez, at the Temaikén Gala, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


With Digital Projections at ISE, Integrated Systems Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

At the British Embassy with Ambassador Mark Kent and the It Gets Better team.

With Alice Lohmoller, in the studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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