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Terms and Conditions

Regarding the use of this Website

Exhibición Activa is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its website. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding accessibility please contact  as we are continually striving to improve the experience for all visitors. The user who accesses this website knows and accepts the terms which are detailed below: The material that makes up this website is property of Mariano Carlos Bonavita, hereinafter, Exhibición Activa®.  All rights are reserved and protected by the Intellectual Property Law(Copyright Law), Law No. 11, 723.

The information and images presented in this website may not be reproduced or used without the express consent of the Exhibición Activa®, under any circumstances. The information contained in this website is exclusively intended for personal use. The user agrees not to sell, reproduce, modify, alter or commercialize all or part of this website or its contents. The user may not employ offensive or slanderous terms, or expressions contrary to good conduct. The user may not transmit information or share material which might, concretely or eventually, violate the rights of a third party or may have a virus or any other harmful component. Exhibición Activa® reserves the right to extract and edit part or the totality of any message or material subscript or forwarded by the user. Exhibición Activa® neither requests nor expects to receive creative material or ideas from the users of this website.  In the event that the user send creative material, on his own account, to the website, Exhibición Activa® reserves the right to use any information, suggestion, idea, drawing or concept released for whatever purpose Exhibición Activa® may choose,  without any right to compensation in favor of the user. Exhibicón Activa® does not provide any verbal or written guarantee on material published on this website, including but not guaranteeing that the information published is free of errors or viruses.  The user will be solely responsible for the use of this information. In this regard, Exhibición Activa® has made all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information exhibited on this website. Exhibición Activa® reserves the right to make corrections or complete the information at any time, without prior notice to the user. Under no circumstances will Exhibición Activa® be held responsible for damages resulting from the incorrect use of the materials or information contained in the website.   This agreement is made effective as of the moment the user accesses Exhibición Activa® website. The user may terminate the agreement by disconnecting the site and destroying the obtained material.

Regarding the development of projects

INCLUSIONS:  Exhibición Activa®´s  professional fees include, if necessary: the calculation of manufacturing costs according to preliminary sketches, the development of industrial and graphic design sketches and their  digital delivery ( Web, CD or laptop), the development of sample guides for art direction, the development of digital illustrations as support for graphic design, photographic shots for graphic and industrial design support, flatbed scanners capable of scanning both opaque and transparent materials,  the ordering of sample materials from suppliers, work meetings with suppliers, the selection of suppliers, the follow-up of the construction plans, the follow-up and approval of the color samples and supplier printing samples, non-professional translations for project development.


EXCLUSIONS:  Unless specified within the foregoing budget or in the attached files, the professional fees of Exhibición Activa® do not include: the development of pictorial or artistic illustrations or diagrams whose technical complexity requires a specific professional who would be subcontracted by the studio, the development of areas annexed to our studio´s projects (structural calculations,  the development of systems in general, calculations of material resistance,  hydraulics, statistics and other calculations that will be consulted with professionals, when necessary, who will be chosen by the study, with the client´s prior approval), professional translations, the costs of laser prints or any type or printing, except those specified in the corresponding budget, the scan costs in rotary scanners, professional digital or 35 mm photographic shots, medium format or plate, the development or digitalization of the shots, the shipment of the materials by national or international couriers, travel, airfares, lodgings or travel expenses for national or international trips.


SUPPLIERS: If necessary, Exhibición Activa® will advise the client on the choice of suppliers for the resolution, production and construction of the specific projects in the event other professionals or suppliers are required. The suppliers will be selected by Exhibición Activa® and the client will contract them directly. Exhibición Activa® is committed to monitoring the work, keeping a schedule of activities with deadlines. They also commit to providing guidance in the art direction in order to achieve the highest quality production.

Exhibición Activa®´s responsibility for the work of the suppliers, conducted outside the approved specifications, or not carried out within the estimated schedule, will be limited to the advice through the necessary hours of art direction and production control;   In this case, the studio´s professionals will advise the suppliers and/or third parties on how to proceed with the corrections and completion of the work requested by the customer with a new schedule and approved specifications.  Exhibición Activa® will not economically compensate its client in full or partially for the work executed by suppliers and/or third parties who are outside the approved specifications or which was not carried out in the scheduled time.


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: The budgeted fees correspond to completed work, including the transfer of implementation rights in favor of the client exclusively, in the specific format and practice that motivated the project originally.  The Studio´s development processes, such as programming files, scripts, photoshop layers or vector developments (illustrator or similar), will not be submitted. Whether the client does or does not use the designs, does not alter the fees. Any idea, documentation, previous design, etc. contributed by the client to the development of this project, does not in itself constitute part of a new design, and therefore does not oblige Exhibición Activa® to reduce its fees for this reason. The concepts, ideas and proposals presented in the budgets and different stages, until the project has been completed and submitted, are the intellectual property of Mariano Carlos Bonavita. The completion of the last agreed payment automatically transfers the rights in favor of the client exclusively, in the specific format and practice that motivated the project originally and for the time established by our studio.

The intellectual property of our work is protected in all cases by custody in the National Copyright Directorate under the Intellectual Property Law No. 11,723.


PAYMENT: The payment of fees will be carried out within a period previously established with the client, once the invoice has been submitted by the studio. Each invoice will be submitted at the end of each phase of the project, with the purchase orders or supporting documentation, when applicable.


CONTRACT: If required, a service contract may be developed by the counsel for the parties (the studio and/or client) after checking the contents of their agreement, according to the practices and customs covered by the civil code.

© 2020 Copyright. exhibicionactiva® Intellectual Property under custody. All rights reserved.

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